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If you are working in Singapore, you must have visited every place in Singapore. But, life must be hectic and very busy. So, if you want a relaxing place, and are planning for a weekend getaway, choose Melaka. Melaka or Malacca is one place you can visit for a getaway. It has become famous since 2008 when the state was declared as UNESCO heritage site.

There are many scenic locations and beautiful landscapes you can experience in the city of Melaka. Places like Baba Nyonya culture, St. Paul’s hill, Jonkey walk, etc. will surely make your experience better. Melaka is just 235 kms from Singapore and any bus typically takes three to four hours to commute between these places.

If you are looking to book a ticket from Singapore to Melaka, the most convenient option for you is Sit at home, relax and book a ticket to and from Singapore to Melaka. It’s easy and convenient. Booking tickets through easybook’s website has many advantages.

You can find many bus operators at one place. So, you can compare them and then choose one. You can also book tickets according to your schedule as different bus will have different schedule and you will get a bus at the time you want. You can check all the details of the bus like is the bus a normal or luxury one, is it a non-stop or it has stops, where are the boarding points in Singapore, etc.

You just need to login into and book a ticket for yourself. You can get a lot of promotional offers and discounts on the website. You can also book a particular seat on the site (in case it is available). So, if you plan a getaway from your hectic schedule, book a ticket to Melaka from easybook’s website. click here to get more information bus to Melaka.


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