Movie documentaries a combination of information and entertainment

Now with increasing popularity of documentary which is a veryhelpfulsource to get large information in short period lots of movie producer are given emphasis on making amovie on it. This interest leads to movie documentaries. The documentary is a form of documentation or maintains a record of certain is coming under nonfiction category and in motion picture form.Nowadays there are a number of broadcaster,media house and some leading TV channels that are very seriously making a documentary to bring the truth in front of the world.

There are some very popular documentaries which are praise by the world media and people and sometimes it becomes a source of controversy.BBC (Britain broadcast corporation) is the leading corporation for making documentaries, except this national geography and history channel is constantly making documentaries on a different field.

There is basically six type of documentary:

Poetic Documentaries

It started in themain emphasis on image,experience,and showing the viewer the world in a different way. The main aim is to create a feeling about something not to give information or telling the truth.

Observational Documentaries

It deals with only observation. This is basically to give voice to all sides of an gives audiences the first-hand access to subject’s which are most important moments, sometimes it is on the completely private issue .

Expository Documentaries

It is opposite to poetic type and observational type. Here feeling nothing to do, as it dealswith observation, naked truth and lots of information. This type actually considers as a real documentary.

Reflexive Documentaries

It includes elements of Expository and observation, where the filmmaker stays within the narrative or facts.

Participatory Documentaries

It is somehowsimilar reflexive type but here filmmaker tries to explore, rather only focus only on narrative.

Performative Documentaries

It is a combination of different type of documentation where they used it to share an emotional response to the world on a particular matter so that they stress the subject.

Online documentaries

These are playing a crucial role in this field. NowonYouTube you can find thousandsof short movies where people are sharing information about lots of thing in documentary form. These are really very helpfulinterim gain some knowledge in short time.


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