James Oliver is the first name that pops into our minds whenever we talk about any celebrity chef. His immense success as a chef, entrepreneur, author and television show host has only doubled after his successful initiation of ‘Better Food Education’ campaign. He is not just any celebrity chef, he also happens to be one of the richest in the planet with James Oliver net worth touching almost 170 million dollars.

Initially James Oliver started out as a humble pastry chef, but he always had high dreams. His acquaintance with many popular chefs during the early days of his career inspired him to

Innovate and try out new ventures. After a few years, and working in many other prestigious restaurants and hotels, he opened his Italian chain of restaurants ‘Jamie’s Italian’ which tasted success after only a few days of opening. The restaurant chain became widely popular and Oliver was only happy to go on opening more restaurants under the same label. James Oliver net worth is thus mostly a result of the earnings from his restaurant here to know more about richest athletesdownload-49

James Oliver did not rest after the success of his restaurants. He went on to become a celebrity on television. He took part in several unscripted documentaries on restaurants and eateries all around the world. He also hosted several cooking shows where recipes of very simple, tasty and healthy dishes were explained. The simplicity of these recipes together with detailed explanation of the health benefits presented in good humour made his shows very big hits. Every year, he is back with a new season of his shows with numerous new and simple recipes from around the world. It is rumoured he charges a fortune for his shows, which can make James Oliver net worth go up by several million dollars.

Oliver has not stopped even after the success of his shows. He also happens to be a very successful author of recipe books and his books are among the top four-bestselling cookbooks in the world. The earnings from his books are nonetheless pushing up James Oliver net worth all the time.


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