Ways to Check Website Ranking Positions for Some Targeted Keywords

Actually, there are two popular methods or means to easily check the position of your website as regards targeted keywords. These include manual method and utilization of SEO tools to check rankings.

This first way which known to be manual or traditional method is very simple, easy to use and does not even cost you any dime. For this to be done, all you will do is to move ahead to the use of Google, then enter those keywords you might want to search and locate your website in exact search results. Though this rank tracker is very easy when used, but take for instance, in a situation when your website has become live and is not yet among the first hundred. This will cost you more time, energy and resources in opening many pages to look through them. It will also blind one’s eyes while focusing on the monitor before you can finally get into your own website.
Apart from this, the result you may likely get might be inaccurately to a large extent. This is because Google service is based on personalized search, therefore irrespective of whether or not you log to your personal Gmail account, your results searched will definitely be affected on injured by the search history previously carried out.
The second and most effective method is to use SEO rank tracker or checker. It is a tool that ranks and gives more accurate and efficient way to track your website position. This good and dependable rank checker permits you to easily slash in many times the SEO workload and in short will be able to get accurate and correct ranking data. SEO software rank tracker analyses the websites ranking using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It can be easily installed, with the assistance of help file, which vividly explained how the program can be used. It removed the problem associated with issue of choosing keywords, by its effectiveness in managing tasks and as well saves time and effort.


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